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Welcome to the Loading Dock, the official Loadshop™ blog where we cover all things freight, trucking, marketplace transparency and any hot topics currently impacting the transportation world. But first – a quick introduction to who we are, what we do and how Loadshop™ operates.

Loadshop™ is the new freight matching platform that seamlessly connects shippers and carriers, creating transparent transactions to move spot freight.

Using Loadshop™, shippers set their price and carriers can then book that freight instantly or provide feedback to the shipper directly. Loadshop™ only charges the shipper a small fee once value is created and a carrier books their load.

Gone are the days of shippers calling brokers for access to capacity at marked-up prices. No more back and forth with brokers who simply pass along messages from the marketplace, and who influence what carriers and shippers hear from each other regarding market price.

With Loadshop, shippers can now set their own price to move freight rather than take pricing from people making bets that they can cover the load at a profit. And carriers are now seeing what shippers are willing to pay to move their goods with full transparency. Gone is that entity in the middle telling carriers one thing, and shippers another when it comes to pricing and capacity.

Loadshop™ was created by a shipper, one of the largest in the country, and it’s backed by Koch Industries. Our vision for this new web-based platform is to provide transparency and control to your spot market loads. We provide a single solution to access a shipper’s current carrier base, and we can provide access to the larger carrier marketplace with complete transparency for everyone.

Those that know freight, know that their facility’s loading dock is where everything happens. It’s where the carrier meets directly with the shipper as they do what’s necessary to move goods throughout the country. Likewise, the Loading Dock is where we as an industry can come together to share, learn and talk shop as it pertains to our industry. Just carriers and shippers, united by Loadshop™.

Thanks for joining us – we’re excited to have you here.

Team Loadshop™

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