Loadshop™ is changing the way shippers ship freight and carriers book loads by providing transparency to both sides of the transaction. In a traditional broker-based system, that visibility is nonexistent, with many brokers placing the value of their commissions before the needs of their customers. The Loadshop marketplace eliminates the inefficiency of traditional brokerage by removing this middle entity from the equation and directly connecting qualified carriers and shippers.



To be the market leader in web-based shipping solutions for both carriers and shippers, and customers’ marketplace of choice for posting and booking loads.


We create “trucking with transparency” by creating a secure digital marketplace that reduces market volatility and distortion with improved rate visibility.


We are a cross-functional team comprised of logistics, sales and platform development professionals with extensive industry experience. As a collaborative unit, we leverage our collective expertise to continually drive improvements to the Loadshop marketplace and better serve our customers with unique solutions, transforming the freight transportation industry.


The Loadshop digital marketplace operates on shipper-set rates, where shippers set their own price per load and share that price directly to the market. The system then aggregates these loads for its network of qualified carriers, allowing carriers to choose loads with very clearly defined payouts. Only when these matches are confirmed does Loadshop collect a nominal fee from the shipper.


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Team Loadshop™